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Join Masa Israel Teaching Fellows (Masa ITF) to teach English and volunteer with Israeli youth in Israel! Spend a meaningful ten months in one of three locations: Netanya, Be’er Sheva or Beit She’an.









Spend five months living and volunteering while making a meaningful impact on Israeli society! Live on Kibbutz Harduf, learn Hebrew and Arabic and gain experience in exciting fields like eco-tourism, social justice, entrepreneurship, theater, Jewish learning and co-existence.

Become part of the community in which you live and serve.   This is your chance to gain a connection to Israeli society and its people. Along the way, we will crisscross the country on a series of travel experiences that will take you to parts of Israel you’ve never seen before!






Intern in Tel-Aviv and join the Enterprise Internship which offers a customized 5-month internship with leading international companies at some of the hottest startups in Israel! Whether you are interested in engineering or marketing, computer science or sustainability, we have the industry connections to get you where you want to be! Scroll down for some examples of the internship positions we offer.






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Program                                  Location                      Starting         Ending  
Internship                               Tel-Aviv                       28/8/17         22/1/18            
Volunteer-Harduf                 Kibbutz Harduf          5/9/17           31/1/18     
Israel Teaching Fellows       Be’er Sheva                 4/9/17           28/6/18     
Israel Teaching Fellows       Netanya                      4/9/17            28/6/18         
Israel Teaching Fellows       Beit Shean                  4/9/17           28/6/18       



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