arad-new2Spend five months living and volunteering while making a meaningful impact on Israeli society! Live on Kibbutz Harduf, learn Hebrew and Arabic and gain experience in exciting fields like eco-tourism, social justice, entrepreneurship, theater, Jewish learning and co-existence.

Become part of the community in which you live and serve. This is your chance to gain a connection to Israeli society and its people. Along the way, we will crisscross the country on a series of travel experiences that will take you to parts of Israel you’ve never seen before!




Kibbutz Harduf

Additional Information

 Service-Learning Programs

According to Jewish tradition, learning and action are deeply intertwined and cannot be easily separated. The modern field of Jewish service-learning brings this ancient understanding to life. As a part of Project TEN, Masa Tlalim Volunteer is a Jewish service-learning program. “Service-learning” is a methodology that incorporates instruction and reflection with meaningful volunteer work. “Jewish service-learning” is contextualized within Jewish values and infused with Jewish texts and traditions.

· Can either be immersive (full-time for at least a week) or intermittent (intensive one-day programs).
· Are mutually beneficial to participants and the local community.
· Fully integrate and align the learning and service components.
· Engage participants in “real” projects, as opposed to “manufactured” ones, with identifiable goals and significant outcomes.
· Address complex problems in complex settings.
· Build long-term relationships with local partners.
You are expected to volunteer on 2 or more projects, 30 hours/week.

Educational Travel Tours

In addition to making a contribution to your host community, exploring Israel is a core component Masa Tlalim – Project TEN. The program includes a series of educational tours in participants’ home region and beyond. These enrichment experiences are scheduled throughout the program and are designed to expose participants to contemporary Israeli society, the intricacies of Jewish history, and the stunning beauty of Israel’s ecology. Masa Tlalim’s own professional guides lead these excursions. In addition to day trips, the program covers weekend trips to many other parts of the country. During these longer trips, participants stay at hotels and guesthouses while taking part in seminars and programs with other Masa Tlalim groups from around the country.


The unsubsidized cost for the Masa Tlalim – Project TEN program in Israel, including volunteer, social, and learning activities, transportation, subsidized food and lodging, is $4,500. However, Masa Tlalim – Project TEN participants in Israel (who are coming from abroad) are eligible for significant grants and scholarships from Masa Israel Journey. Participants who are eligible for a full Masa grant will pay only $1,500 for an entire five-month track bringing expenses to just under $10 per day!

Note that this cost doesn’t include airfare. 






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